Hi All,

i have a "GUID" attribute in IDV for which the data source is
recently i have added a new attribute "entryUUID" to IDV (this exists
only in IDV now) , now i want the value of the GUID attribute to be
copied to entryUUID attribute automatically rather than i manually
writing an LDIF to import the values each time.....please let me know if
this is possible or not....

The other concern that i am facing here is....despite of giving all the
rights to a user ...i am unable to query LDAP for this "entryUUID"
I have assigned the all attribute read rights to the user object which i
am using as the bind DN to do a LDAP search..but it still do not work.
But i can query for this attribute with admin privileges and it

I am stuck badly at this page..please help me ...

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