A customer has IDM 4.0.1 no patches and eDirectory 8.8.7. Now before you
say: What in the name of Jesus are you talking about. IDM 4.0.1 and no
patches. I know, and we have told the customer serveral times that
patches should be applied as they come out. This customer however, is
exceptionally cheap and does not want to pay for a 4.0.2 upgrade and
what comes with it. However, they do want to pay for a 4.0.1 patch.

If I look through the engine patchnotes for IDM 4.0.1, namely engine
patch 1,2 and 3, it does not seem like any of the patches fixes anything
related to driver health configuration.

The problem: Having set up driver health configuration, and created and
enabled a job, the semaphores(3 dots) does appear next to all the
drivers. However, they are empty, no green, yellow or red light. Default
health configuration is what is used. No log files indicate that
anything is wrong.

So my question is, does any of you know if any of the IDM 4.0.1 engine
patches fixes this bug? In IDM 4.0.2 engine patches I can see alot of
health configuration related patches, though nothing specifically
pointing this problem out. I am pretty sure health configuration should
work in IDM 4.0.1?

Thanks in advance,


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