I've a question, or problem, regarding the new AD driver with PowerShell capabilities. I don't use the built in "magic" for
provisioning Exchange but rather execute custom scripts for Exchange, Lync and home directories. It works but the trace shows
hundreds or thousands of of powershell commands as a result:

DirXML: [12/12/13 11:08:56.03]: ADDriver: PowerShell: IDM PowerShell Service Response SUCCESS:
Path:C:\Users\svc-idm\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp_xrutjvim.04g\tmp_xrutjv im.04g.psm1
# Implicit remoting module
# generated on 2013-12-12 11:08:54
# by Import-PSSession cmdlet
# Invoked with the following command line: Import-PSSession -Session $session -AllowClobber;


It is just like every single line of code within any script executed is logged in the trace.

Anyone seen this? Extremely annoying and if there is something that is wrong (warning or just info) it is impossible to tell what...

Best regards,