I've configured the 'defer' load balancing option for Exchange 2010 to
let the load balancing feature decide where to create mailboxes. At
first it looked promising. Users where getting different homemdb values
and all was well. But: as from this morning, this feature is broken with
the following error: Load balancing failed to find a valid mailbox


DirXML: [11/05/14 11:18:40.11]: ADDriver: Exchange: begin provision exchange 2010 account
DirXML: [11/05/14 11:18:40.12]: ADDriver: Exchange: optimize
DirXML: [11/05/14 11:18:40.12]: ADDriver: Exchange: add user mailbox to new mail store
DirXML: [11/05/14 11:18:40.12]: ADDriver: Exchange: provision
DirXML: [11/05/14 11:18:40.12]: ADDriver: Enabling mailbox... Enable-Mailbox -Identity '[here goes the DN]' -DomainController '[and some DC]'
DirXML: [11/05/14 11:18:40.22]: ADDriver: IDM Exchange Service Response ERROR: Load balancing failed to find a valid mailbox database.


Please note that I've tried using the mail nickname in the event as well
(which leads to the -alias option). Same error.

From my perspective i can think of two different reasons for this
- We've had the service account set to 'domain admin' for another
temporary reason and this has been revoked. It might have been some
rights caching that caused this command to work fine yesterday
- There are multiple (8) mail databases and during testing we've seen
three different databases being assigned. Exchange might encounter an
error on one of the other databases leading to this error

For now i've configured the driver to just assign a specific homemdb
which works. Problem is that i cannot just keep testing this in
production until I've debugged the issue.

Do you guys have any idea if the load balancing option needs additional
rights that might be included in 'domain admin'? Or do you guys know
some limitations of this 'defer' option that i don't know about ?

Extra info:
- Engine and RL are on patch 4 (IDM 4.0.2)
- AD driver is
- Exchange 2010 Service is running with a service account that is member
of the organization management group (and NOT domain admin)
- Same service account is used for the AD driver
- Mailbox provisioning is set to 'policy'

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