I want to create my own entitlements on the O365 driver. I am attempting
to create an entitlement for each license in O365(4 licenses), and each
of these entitlements will have an administrator defined value, which is
the license string (ex: fmktst:STANDARDWOFFPACK_FACULTY(Standard)). So I
have created the entitlement object on the driver with the administrator
defined value. I have added it in the L10N_de and L10N_en files and that
should be it, I think.

I then deployed the driver and restarted it.

This has now been added to the EntitlementConfiguration file:


<entitlement data-collection="true" dn="CN=LicenseAdvanced,CN=O365-01,CN=Driver Set,OU=idm,OU=services,O=dk" parameter-format="idm4" resource-mapping="true" role-mapping="true">
<value langCode="de">Advanced License</value>
<value langCode="en">Advanced License</value>


I think that looks alright or should the administrator defined value be

Also, when browsing resources in UA, I am able to find the new
entitlement, but here is the thing, the administrator defined value I
specified on the entitlement on the driver, is not in the list when I
want to "Assign entitlement value(s) now".

What might I have done wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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