I am attempting to set up Password Notification on my IDM box. I've
tried using both the "Job" method in iManager and PWNotify packages. I
am not having any luck with either. Could someone point me in the right
direction? This is what is happening.

On the " Job" method, I am stuck at the "email server" attribute under
the general tab. We no longer have an internal email server, a few
years ago management moved us to Google. Initially we where running
stunnel for copiers, but since have gotten them moved over to Google
also. I've tried to point the "email server" attribute to both Google
and the stunnel box with no luck. I get a "The server you entered does
not exist." when I try to close the dialog box. I have configured the
Google server in the "Email Server Options" under passwords in iManager

Is there a work around for external email servers in the "job" method?

For the PWNotify packages attempt, well I'm running IDM 4.0.2, so I am
suppose to add the package repository to Designer and let it import the
packages. After all three attempts to install the PWNotify packages I
received an "eclipse package not found error" and Designer would not
start. Luckily for me, I'm testing this in development and I can revert
to my last snapshot; thought it's unlucky also, because I can not post
the exact error because I've already revert back my workstation. If
it'll help I can run the process again and post the results.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated?

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.


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