I was wondering if some of the folks in the forum could share some of
their deployment experience of Office365 and the integration with the
Office365 Driver. My NetIQ account manager got in touch with one of the
engineers he works closely with, but I would like to get a couple of
additional opinions.

We are migrating existing exchange mailboxes, and we are planning on
using the Microsoft DirSync utility for the initial user upload into our
federated tenant. This Office365 engineer working with us is concerned
that trying to manage those user accounts later on with the NetIQ driver
might be a problem. He is still doing some research on the topic.
Basically he stated that the Microsoft synchronization utility might set
up the account in a way that might not let it be managed by anything
other than that Dirsync, and any attempt to use a different tool
(including powershell) might result in errors.

Within my limited knowledge of Office 365, I thought I could use
powershell commands after that without any problems. And because the
driver is pretty much based on powershell commands, I didnt think that
would be an issue at all. My question is if that is a valid concern,
and if there are cases where that might be true.

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