Hi there,

I am asking myself if my goal is possible or not. I am not experimented
enough, and that's why I'm coming to you.
Please find above my current architecture :
[image: http://dec.imghost.us/u7yd.jpg]

Currently, *(1)* my first eDir has the task to generate an email adress
for the new user.
Then,* (2)* it push to my second eDir the generated email address, via a
*(3)* The eDir 3 ask for the GroupWise account creaton via the GroupWise
Driver.* (4)* GroupWise start the account creation.
GroupWise being based on the eDir 2 (as a technical directory) will
create *(5)* into it its prerequiste for the account.
In this case, eDir 2 is both the functionnal and the technical

And here is what I am aiming to do :
[image: http://dec.imghost.us/u80B.jpg]

In this case,* (1)* the eDir 1 generate the email address and *(2)*
start the account creation via the GroupWise driver.
The eDir 1 is, in this case, the Functionnal directory.
The technical directory remains the same : eDir 2. Thus, *(3)* GroupWise
push into it the technical infos.

Do you think it is possible, using a GroupWise Driver to have two
different eDir to separe the roles : technical (countains the GW info)
and functionnal (manage the account) ?

Thanks a lot, and have a nice week-end.

Best regards,

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