IDM 4.5 integrated install on SLES 11 SP3
Installed the Unix Linux bidirectional driver on same server.
Driver starts and appears to be running fine.

When I go into the User App resource catalog Manage Resources and try to
create a new resource with entitlement the driver nor entitlements
appear on the drop down list to choose from. All other drivers I have
installed do show on this list.

The entitlements are enabled on the driver. NOVLNXENT_GCVS - Use
LinuxUnixAccountEntitlement = true

The entitlements show up in iManager - Advance - Entitlements when
looking at the driver.

I have gone to Roles and Resources > Configure Roles and Resources
Settings, and clicked the Refresh button under Entitlement Query Status
> Refresh Status. I have done this several times and have restarted the

driver and entire server several times while troubleshooting.

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