Hi all,

I’m writing because I’m having some trouble to start a
Remote Loader that is supposed to connect to an AD driver that runs on a
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

For some background, I’m a beginner with NIM. For testing purpose,
I did a successful install in a single machine turning Windows Server
2008 R2. I installed iManager, the Remote Loader and the PassSync module
and all works fine, I was able to sync my users and it’s passwords
in this simple test environnent.

Now I’m trying to do an installation that uses to servers: a
Windows 2012 and the SUSE Linux that I mentioned before. The steps I did
- Export a server certificate (base64) as I did in my test environment.

- Create a new RL instance with the same configurations: ADDriver.dll,
default ports, all IP addresses, my server certificate and level 3 logs
in my Windows Server 2012
- With iManager I create an AD driver that points to my RL

My problem is that when I start the RL, I have the following traces:
> [11/20/14 10:33:25.53]: Loader: Verifying command port...
> DirXML: [11/20/14 10:33:26.55]: Loader: Verifying driver can be
> loaded...
> DirXML: [11/20/14 10:33:26.55]: ADDriver: Driver::destroy
> DirXML: [11/20/14 10:33:26.55]: ADDriver: Driver::~Driver()
> DirXML: [11/20/14 10:33:26.55]: Loader: Initializing SSL encryption...
> DirXML: [11/20/14 10:33:33.81]: Loader: Waiting for DirXML to connect on
> 'TCP server socket, port 8090, address localhost, using SSL'...

And nothing more. At the same time, when I restart my AD driver in
iManager, I have the following log:

> [11/20/14 11:05:17.321]:Active Directory ST:SubscriptionShim.execute()
> returned:
> [11/20/14 11:05:17.321]:Active Directory ST:
> <nds dtdversion="4.0" ndsversion="8.x">
> <output>
> <status event-id="query-driver-ident" level="retry"
> type="remoteloader">No connection to remote loader</status>
> </output>
> </nds>
> [11/20/14 11:05:17.322]:Active Directory ST:Requesting 30 second retry
> delay.
> [11/20/14 11:05:17.323]:Active Directory ST:
> DirXML Log Event -------------------
> Driver: \IDV\system\craDS\Active Directory
> Channel: Subscriber
> Status: Retry
> Message: Code(-9006) The driver returned a "retry" status
> indicating that the operation should be retried later. Detail from
> driver: *No connection to remote loader*[11/20/14 11:05:28.981]:Active
> Directory ST:Received state change event.
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.982]:Active Directory ST:Transitioned from state
> '%+C%14CRunning%-C' to state '%+C%14CShutdown Pending%-C'.
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.982]:Active Directory ST:Successfully processed state
> change event.
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.982]:Active Directory ST:Leaving event loop.
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.982]:Active Directory ST:Shutting down DirXML driver
> \IDV\system\craDS\Active Directory.
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.982]:Active Directory ST:Remote Interface Publisher:
> Received shutdown.
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.982]:Active Directory ST:Remote Interface Driver:
> Closing connection...
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.983]:Active Directory ST:Remote Interface Driver:
> Connection closed
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.983]:Active Directory ST:Remote Interface Subscriber:
> Received shutdown.
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.983]:Active Directory ST: DriverShim.shutdown()
> returned:
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.983]:Active Directory ST:
> <nds dtdversion="4.0" ndsversion="8.x">
> <output>
> <status level="success"/>
> </output>
> </nds>
> [11/20/14 11:05:28.983]:Active Directory ST:Waiting for Publisher thread
> to terminate...
> [11/20/14 11:05:58.986]:Active Directory ST:Publisher thread did NOT
> terminate (timed out).
> [11/20/14 11:05:59.000]:Active Directory ST: Driver terminated.

It's clearly to me a RL configuration problem… Does someone have
an idea of where I can start looking?

Thanks for all your help in advance,

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