I am trying with the GUI Uninstallation of the IDM 4.0.2 on windows
system. The environment details are as below:

- Novell IDM 4.0.2 Integrated Installation
- Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
- Components installed : Metadirectory Server

After running the uninstaller file and browsing through all the
uninstallation screens, at the end it says 'Metadirectory Server
Component cannot be uninstalled properly'

I have also uninstalled all the available Novell components like (Novell
eDir, nici,etc.) from Control Panel.

The nici files are been deleted from ...\System32\Novell &
....\SYSWOW64\Novell folders.

My main objective is to do a fersh installation in the windows
environment, but because of uninstallation was not properly done the
Installation is also failing.

Please let me know if I am missing anything while uninstalling the
Integrated IDM4.0.2 Novell components?

Thanks & Regards,

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