We recently upgraded IDM 4.0.2 engine (a fresh install) to 4.5 on
Windows 2012R2, only eDir and the IDM engine is running on this server.
I built and deployed a Bi-Dir eDir driver but it won't activate under
the 4.5 engine activation. The eDir driver shows up as version
in iManager and Designer. I've compared the shims to what's included on
the IDM 4.5 media and the file sizes and dates match. I've moved the
driver back and forth between IDV servers with no effect and the
versions are the same between the servers. I've also deployed a set of
the old eDir driver pairs and those show as version 4.5 and took the
engine activation just fine.
Anyone know what might be up with the Bi-Dir eDir activation under 4.5?

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