Beginner here..
Found similar issues on the net but with no sure solution:

<modify dest-dn="\TREE\data\blabla\users\user1"
<modify-attr attr-name="DirXML-EntitlementRef">
<value type="structured">
name="volume">services\DriverSet\myNullDriver\Enti tlementNameHere</component>
<component name="nameSpace">1</component>
<component name="path">*&amp;lt;?*xml version="1.0"

I'm trying to manually add a DirXML-entitlementRef to a user (without
any workflow provisioning)
tried to use "ADD SOURCE ATTRIBUTE" on my policy builder.. added in all
the 3 required component name (volume, namespace, path.xml)
but just cant seem to get it right for my component "path" or

It gets transformed into funny characters.. see above in bold
Anyone know how to fix this?

And any idea where to get valid contents of my path.xml for this

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