Hi all,

I'm trying to implement a password sync tool between NIM and a Microsoft
AD 2012.

I did all the installation required, the AD Driver at NIM side and the
Remote Loader, PassSync, Microsoft Identity Manager for UNIX at the AD

When I change my password using iManager, it's well synchronized to AD,
but when I change the AD password, it doesn't goes to NIM. When I look
to the Windows Event logs, I have the following message:
> Password propagation is not done. Either default encryption key is
> configured or no UNIX hosts configured to propagate password

I went look the Microsoft Identity Manager for UNIX, and there is no
computers configured, but does anybody knows how it works? I mean, it
not supposed to be the Remote Loader that do the connection between the
to systems?

For the moment the two machines (Windows Server 2012 and SUSE Linux 10)
aren't in the same domain, but as the NIM -> AD works, I think that the
other side should also work, doesn't? (users synchronization works in
both ways)

Thanks again in advance,

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