I have a partner that has moved it webservice to a other hosting
provider. This have generated a new SSL chain.
URL: can be seen in the trace below. Have generated a new keystorefile
for the SUB <subTrustStoreFile-1 display-name="Truststore
The keystore is containing both the intermediate ssl and the root ssl

[12/01/14 15:07:38.624]:SisWS Soap ST:SisWS Soap: Value of boolean flag
'remove-existing' is : false
[12/01/14 15:07:38.629]:SisWS Soap ST:SisWS Soap:
[12/01/14 15:07:38.629]:SisWS Soap ST:SisWS Soap: Preparing HTTP POST
connection to https://ws-sis.ufmit.dk:443/sisws/siswebservice
[12/01/14 15:07:38.629]:SisWS Soap ST:SisWS Soap: Setting up SSL
[12/01/14 15:07:38.630]:SisWS Soap ST:SisWS Soap: Setting the following
HTTP request properties:
[12/01/14 15:07:38.630]:SisWS Soap ST:SisWS Soap: Authorization:
<credentials suppressed>
[12/01/14 15:07:38.630]:SisWS Soap ST:SisWS Soap: SOAPAction:
[12/01/14 15:07:38.631]:SisWS Soap ST:SisWS Soap: Content-Type:
text/xml; charset=utf-8
[12/01/14 15:07:38.647]:SisWS Soap ST:SisWS Soap: IOExecption :
sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: Certificate chaining error
[12/01/14 15:07:38.648]:SisWS Soap ST:SubscriptionShim.execute()
[12/01/14 15:07:38.648]:SisWS Soap ST:

Any iders??

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