What I want to establish is the SOAP Driver as a Connected System when I
import a User object from Active Directory into the ID Vault, with the
purpose of being able to modify the object in the Vault later on with
SOAP messages.
Error on the Subscriber Channel of the SOAP Driver after import of a
user from AD: 'An attempt is being made to send a subscriber command
using the connection number "1" but no connection settings using that
number were supplied in the subscriber settings. Remember, connection
numbers must be sequential starting with 1. If you don't intend for
there to be a subscriber channel, remove all object classes from the
subscriber's filter.'.
I have seen this error before but for the life of me I can't recall when
or in what context. In iManager I can add the SOAP Driver as a Connected
System by hand ('Actions'-->'Add new association...') after which I can
modify the object in eDir with SOAP messages but of course I want the
connection with the SOAP Driver to be made automatically during import.

Any help?

Kind Regards,

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