Hi all,

I want to create a new AD driver in a driverset that already contains
several other drivers (but there is no AD driver). After completing all
steps in the driver creation, it prompts a screen that tells me that one
ore more libraries already exists, and asks me to choose :

- Specify a diferent name for the driver or a different placement for
the strategic libraries
- update all that concerns this driver and its strategics libraries
- update only selected libraries

I already tried the first one, it brings me back to the first creation
step, I change the driver's name and the same happens.

For the other options, I'm afraid of messing with the other drivers that
are already in place, do you think I can do the update?
If not, is it possible to change the libraries placement as the first
option suggests? I didn't see it during the setup process...

Thanks in advance,

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