A customer wants to raise their domain functional level from 2003 to
2008 and possibly raise their forest functional level from 2000 to 2008.
The remote loader runs on a Windows Server 2003. They are running IdM
4.0.1 Standard, has eDirectory version 8.8.6 and the AD driver is
version 3.5.14. I have heard about complications when raising the domain
and forest levels, when you have an older AD driver version, such as
3.5.14 - something about how it handles UPNs in the newer versions.

So my thought is: eDir should be patched to 8.8.8 patch 3. AD driver
patched to and remote loader to 4.0.1 patch 3 - or, maybe
upgrade the entire IdM solution to 4.0.2.

What complications will I run into? Do I need to change something in the
AD driver if I upgrade it from 3.5.14 to

How would you go about this?

Thanks in advance,


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