Hi everybody

I'm currently having an issue installing an office365 Remote Loader.
In order to do that, i just followed, step by step, the novell

* Install .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 [Done]
* Install Microsoft Online Sign In Assitant [Done]
* Install Microsoft Online services Module for Powershell [Done]
* Install a new .Net Remote Loader from IDM 4.0.2 Installation Disc
* Copy the DXMSOnlinedriver.dll, SQLiteInterop.dll, and
System.Data.SQLite.dll from NIdM_Driver_4.0.2_Office365.zip to
the<IDM__RL_Install_Dir>\RemoteLoader.NET\ folder [Done]
* Unzip and execute the Identity Manager 4.0.2 Engine Patch 1a or later
[Done with Identity Manager 4.0.2 Engine and Remote Loader Patch 4]
* Copy Microsoft.Online.Administration.Automation.PSModul e.dll and
Microsoft.Online.Administration.Automation.PSModul e.Resources.dll from
the default PowerShell Module location [Done]
* Execute the rlconsole and create a new Remote Loader Instance [Done]
-> Set DXMLMSOnlineDriver.dll as the driver DLL. [Done]
* Launch it!

Well... When i launch it, all i can see in my Trace file is that:

DirXML: [01/22/14 14:27:09.521]: TRACE: Remote Loader: localhost address is:
DirXML: [01/22/14 14:27:09.536]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Verifying driver can be loaded...
DirXML: [01/22/14 14:27:09.536]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Unable to create instance of DXMLSharepointDriver.SPDriverShim
DirXML: [01/22/14 14:27:09.552]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Exception: Could not load type 'DXMLSharepointDriver.SPDriverShim' from assembly 'DXMLMSOnlineDriver, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
DirXML: [01/22/14 14:27:09.552]:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Thread = Loader
Level = fatal
Message = Unable to create driver: Could not load type 'DXMLSharepointDriver.SPDriverShim' from assembly 'DXMLMSOnlineDriver, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.

I don't know why do i have a problem like this. I already installed a
Office 365 RL and didn't have this. I have made some searches, but i
can't find any information about this issue.
Do you guys already had this bug? Did i forgot something?

Thank you in advance,


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