Hello all,

I was looking for a way to populate the Census of the Fan-Out driver in
a more 'scoped' way.

Current setup :
Windows Coredriver build 140414

Toplevel i have an ou=Data, with beneath that an ou=Users and an
ou=Groups (nothing fancy)
Group naming is based on a prefix so that a driver ( in my case 3
different prefixes: 'ads' , 'lin' and 'sql') can be scoped on the
Currently the Search-object is defined as searching from ou=Data, so all
underlying groups are now present in the census ( still as
designed/should be)
But as assumed i also get the unwanted groups in the census, and are
accordingly synched to the linux client machine ... its kinda
'polluting' my /etc/group

Is there a way to 'scope' the Census searchobject so that it would only
pickup the groups starting with the 'lin' -prefix ?

i have lready tried to make a dynamic group that has a searchfilter
(&(cn=lin-*)(objectClass=groupOfNames)), which reflects the correct set
of groups, but if i give that as DN for the Searchobject it wont pickup
the groups.
Is this a limitation of the Core Service , or am i approaching this in a
wrong way ?

- if it were a limitation i'd love to see an enhancement to the core
services to also be able to make use of dynamic groups ( and its
members), so that my census doesnt get that 'messy' with groups i dont

- Michael

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