I'm currently working on connecting existing eDirectory Trees by putting
an extra IDV tree on top of them. One of those existing Trees has
GroupWise 2014 running (for now call it GW-TREE). This GW-TREE Tree has
already an eDir-eDir Driver with the IDV for User Object provisioning
inside eDirectory. My challenge is to provision GroupWise 2014. Ideally,
I would like to provision GroupWise 2014 directly from the IDV, while
the Post Offices are in the GW-TREE. Before Groupwise 2014 the only
solution was to run the GroupWise driver inside the Tree where the Post
Offices are located (so that would be the GW-TREE, not the IDV in my

However, within the GroupWise 2014 Driver documentation I noticed the
following information:


It is architecture agnostic.

It can run locally on the Identity Manager engine or in a Remote Loader configuration.

It replaces the native JNDI communication layer by using the REST commands sent to the GroupWise 2014 Administration Service.

It is enhanced and virtually eliminates the limitations of previously shipped GroupWise drivers. For example, on Linux, you no longer need to run the driver on the same server where GroupWise Domain is running. Also, you do not need to use ConsoleOne to access the GroupWise server.


The above text suggests that provisioning could be done from the IDV,
while the Post Offices are in another Tree (GW-TREE). Am I correct or is
this wishful thinking?

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