So, I would like to do the following:

My system is roles based, and I would like to have an inherited role on
the top, which means everyone in the heirachy below gets a standard O365
license, lets say only Lync. Down the hierachy, an advanced license is
applied. This gives, lets say, Lync and Exchange. Now, O365 only allows
a user to have 1 license at any given time. So if the user already has
Standard and Advanced is applied, the Powershell command attempts to add
another license, which fails. Any idea how to circumvent this? I guess
you could do a check somehow, before adding the advanced license, remove
the standard one, if it's there, and then apply the Advanced one, but
that would require some Powershell fiddleing I think. Or maybe you can
handle it within the roles based model?

Thanks in advance,


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