We have two eDirectories connected with an eDir to eDir driver. One is
used internally for drivers and the other for authenticating against.

We recently changed the way we do new accounts and added a loopback
driver to the Auth side. Essentially this loopback driver calculates a
value and adds it back as a new attribute and passes it to the Vault
side. That part works great on adds, but now I am trying to find the
best way to retroactively process all existing users to receive that
attribute - or at least a subset of them.

I can simply add the option to the driver so that it pushes each time a
user is modified, but I don't want to waste cycles looking for this
attribute each time a user is modified. I would rather handle this in a
once and done kind of way.

This is all very new to me so I'm not quite sure what the best way to
proceed is. Is Synchronize supposed to handle this?

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