If I in the Subscriber Options menu, define a custom license, which does
not disable anything, meaning the field for disabled services is left
blank, the driver shim is unable to create the custom license. The
command it attemts looks like this:

DirXML: [12-19-14 09:44:56.809]: TRACE: SUB:
-AccountSkuId fmktst:STANDARDWOFFPACK_FACULTY -DisabledPlans
DirXML: [12-19-14 09:44:56.871]: TRACE: SUB: Unable to create custom
license. Exception of type 'DXMLBase.Xds.XdsRetryException' was thrown.

As you can see, it puts the -DisabledPlans options on, but with no
parameters. So, basically you cannot create a license which gives the
user everything in O365.


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