Background - IDM 3.6.1, AD to eDir password sync wasn't working. While
testing, I shut down the Windows firewall on the Remote Loader server
and >BAM<, 2,500 cached password changes came through, changing the
password in the IDV as well as all other attached systems, but not in
the AD domain the cached passwords came from.

Since the passwords in the AD domain are correct, I'd like to update the
eDir password with the AD password. I'm not even so worried about the
password expiration date - just the password itself. I tried setting
source attribute nspmDistributionPassword equal to destination
nspmDistributionPassword in Event Transformation Policies of the
subscriber channel, but the destination password value comes back blank.
I tried setting source nspmDistributionPassword equal to destination
password (instead of nspmDistributionPassword), but that also comes back
blank. I know this because I used an intermediary local variable (set
local variable equal to destination attribute, then set source attribute
equal to local variable).

Is it possible to read the password from AD from within the subscriber
channel? Do I need to add an attribute to the schema mapping? Any other

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