Just did some research on my side to see if anyone could have seen this
kind of issue and did not find anything, so here is my "special'

I have IDM 4.0.2 with two AD drivers (both 4.0.2) running on SLES 11.
Did a schema extension to be able to manage the ADContext and ADliasName
attributes for both drivers.
Everything is working as expected and getting synchronized.
The AD environment is setup up with a trust relationship (One forest is
win2k3 and the other 2k8)

Now, the issue I have is that from time to time I have user that get's
associated with an objectGUID that just doesn't make sens like the
following exemple: 24f6d6cf17a565408975cfa6424c7fc74294967294
where the association should be 24f6d6cf17a565408975cfa6424c7fc7

I am trying to find out how and why, so I did increase the log level on
both drivers and I am waiting for something to show-up to see what is
going on, but I thought it would be fun to see if it happen to anyone

I will post the trace (event log) as soon as I have one :-)

Thanks !

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