Our school is in the middle of a major project of setting up wyse units
and going VDI in all class rooms with VMware.
Even though this project has been in the works for the last 10 months
and everyone knew up front that we use eDir, the techs that came here to
set everything up did not know we used edir.
I was under the understanding that uNidesk was a broker. It is not. Now
I am once again trying to get IDM to handle the sync between eDir and
Active directory.
I have IDM 4 installed on a server in its own suse11 tree. And as far
as I can tell it is working. But I don't have a clue how to get the two
server to sync user accounts. For the VM Broker to work all I need it
the users in eDir to be synchronized with to the AD server. I have not
configured any AD drivers, or for that matter I haven't configured
anything yet.
Can someone please point me to a simple guide ( and hopefully with step
by step instructions ) that will show how to accomplish this task.
I tried doing this before but failed miserably and when I thought
uNidesk would solve our problems I abandoned the project. Now I am
having to work at it again.

Answering another question that someone asked me on a different post. I
have universal passwords enabled as a profile in zenworks.

As I mentioned before I have installed IDM 4 using the integrated
installer to a Suse11 server. Designer comes up.
I am not sure that iManger is even working to create the drivers. When
I connect to x.x.x.x/nps I get nothing when I connect to x.x.x.x:8433 I
get the tomcat page.

I am so new to this thing I don't know where to begin.

Would I be better setting up an older version of IDM 3.x on an existing
tree. There are a lot more instructions on 3.x out there that I can


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