eDir2eDir driver setting password expiration time to current date/time.
See http://tinyurl.com/nt8dvq4 for history of troubleshooting.

3 OES 11 SP2 SLES 11 SP3 servers
Server 1 edir 20804.05
Server 2 edir 20804.05
Server 3 edir 20805.05 - Running IDM drivers

Server 1 edir 20804.05 - Running IDM drivers
Server 2 edir 20804.05
Server 3 edir 20601.18

Stop eDir2eDir driver on IPFW_TREE
Change password on client windows 7 workstation with Novell Client
attached to IPFW_TREE.
Password expiration time is set correctly to what the password policy is
supposed to enforce.
Wait a few minutes.
Password expiration time stays at the correct value.
Start driver on IPFW_TREE
Password expiration time is changed to current date/time.

Attaching level 4 traces.



|Filename: ipfw_tree.log |
|Download: https://forums.netiq.com/attachment....tachmentid=240 |

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