I am looking for a solution in the following case:

Users requests for any Privilege on database tables / views from
UserApplication PRD. Where from a PRD, the users will be provided with
the list of the tables/views at the database end and the users requests
for different types of Privilege on those tables / views.

Now the easy solution I can think is using a subscriber chennel trigger
get all table/view list in eDirectory in a timely manner. From there
user can see the list of tables / views. He can request for any
Privilege on a table / view. As per his requested Privilege, we can
update any attribute in eDirectory. Then listen the proper event from
subscriber chennel and fire some SQL to give the desired access on
requested tables/views to the user. We can examine the response of the
SQL and make any changes in eDirectory. This is my thought. Still now I
could fetch the list og tables / views from database and store those as
objects of a custom class say 'DBObjects'.

But is there any good solution for this? If I do not want to store all
the table / view informations in eDirectory. Can Entitlement help about
this? If this is possible to fetch list of tables as values of an
entitlement. Granting an entitlement with a proper value would give the
desired Privilege to the user on any table / view.

How can I write SQL to query entitlement values, which are name of
tables? Is this possible?

Raktim Banerjee

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