HI everybody

I have an issue with creating custom license definitions on my 4.0.2
office 365 driver.

I have an o365 subscription with one AccountSKU entry with id
xxxxx:ENTERPRISEPACK which includes a lot of ServicePlans like

And now I want to have multiple values avalible for my license
entitlement to control which ServicePlans should be enabled on my users

How can I do this ?
I get this simple error in my remote loader trace.
DirXML: [02/14/14 12:00:43.956]: TRACE: SUB: Session Manager
DirXML: [02/14/14 12:00:43.956]: TRACE: SUB: Connecting to Microsoft
Online Services ...
DirXML: [02/14/14 12:00:43.971]: TRACE: SUB: Connecting to Office 365
DirXML: [02/14/14 12:01:02.909]: TRACE: SUB: Connection Successful.
DirXML: [02/14/14 12:01:02.909]: TRACE: SUB: Connecting to Exchange
Online Services ...
DirXML: [02/14/14 12:01:29.705]: TRACE: SUB: Connection Successful.
DirXML: [02/14/14 12:01:29.705]: TRACE: SUB: Creating Custom Licenses
DirXML: [02/14/14 12:01:29.893]: TRACE: SUB: Unable to create custom
license. Exception of type 'DXMLBase.Xds.XdsRetryException' was thrown.
DirXML: [02/14/14 12:01:29.893]: TRACE: Remote Loader:
SubscriptionShim.init() returned:
DirXML: [02/14/14 12:01:29.893]: TRACE:

Best regards

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