Hi all: We recently replaced (not migrated) an old server (old hardware running OES11 SP2) with a new server also running OES11 SP2. The old server ran IDM 3.6.1 and was used to sync eDir to AD in a one-way fashion. The remote loader runs on a Windows 2008 R2 server. This has worked well for us for over 4 years now. I was not expecting many problems with the reinstall, but that is what I find myself with. After the installation of OES11 SP2 and the installation of all updates, I then proceeded to install 3.6.1 on the server.

The installation is very basic with just the metaserver getting installed, no drivers, except for Active Directory. The first thing I ran into was that the Active Directory driver was not selectable (i.e. grayed out). does this mean that driver gets installed as part of the base install? Or the driver does not get installed, period? Since IDM worked just fine before the new server (i.e. ONLY remoteloader installed on Windows server) I assumed this was normal. Is that the case?

The second problem that I ran into was a message saying the OES server has NMAS 8.8.x.x installed but I need NMAS 3.1.3 or higher installed. Since this is fairly old IDM version I ignored this message and continued on. After that the installation proceeded normally showing the installation was successful. So far so good.

So now I start up iManager and go into the IDM management page. I find my previous driver set - good - and pull it up - also good. I see most of my previous settings are there except for AD specific settings that were available under Global Config on the old server (I took screenshots of all the setup pages). I tried starting the driver but alas it fails.

I have looked at documentation was cannot find the answers. Can you help me out? Much appreciated, Chris.