We have multiple PeopleSoft systems here, and I have multiple PeopleSoft
drivers running to talk to them. Each one is in a Remote Loader, but all
of the RLs are running on the same box.

One oddity of PeopleSoft is that their "PeopleSoft Tools" jar file
(psjoa.jar) *must* match the tools version of the application server the
driver is talking to. The problem here is that psjoa.jar goes in the
c:\remoteloader\64bit\lib directory, and is then on the classpath for all
of the configured RLs.

We're upgrading from "Tools" 85.3.05 to 85.3.10. A minor upgrade. But not
all systems are being upgraded at the same time. That's the problem.
Right now, they're all using psjoa.jar 85.3.05. One system gets upgraded
to 85.3.10, after which I can't talk to it any more. If I replace
psjoa.jar with 85.3.10, now I can talk to the upgraded system, but I
can't talk to the system that hasn't been upgraded yet.

Eventually the other system will be upgraded, and this will resolve
itself, but it made me wonder if it's possible to run two RLs on the same
box with different Java classpaths. Anybody ever try this? If it worked,
I could run PS driver 1 with psjoa.jar 85.3.10 and PS driver 2 with
psjoa.jar 85.3.05 until they get PS system 2 upgraded.

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu
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