This is a self-solved problem I am documenting for selfish porpoises.

4.5, have a policy which adds role assignments using the add-role token
based on an attribute value. Was failing on driver startup:

[01/07/15 14:17:01.577]:Birthright Roles ST:Error initializing policy.
[01/07/15 14:17:01.592]:Birthright Roles ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \ACME-IDV-DEV\system\Driver Set\Birthright Roles
Channel: Subscriber
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9128) Error in
An invalid value 'name' is specified for attribute 'arg-string' on
element '{3}'.
[01/07/15 14:17:01.607]:Birthright Roles STriver terminated.
[01/07/15 14:17:01.610]:Birthright Roles ST:Writing XML attribute

Proiblem was that the defailt list of strings in the the add-role token
in Designer 4.5 included role-assignment-type with an enumerated list
including USER_TO_ROLE, ROLE_TO_ROLE, etc. which I recognize from the
SOAP call RequestRolesAssignment. But the 4.5 engine doesn't seem to
like the role-assignment-type stirng, when I removed the string the
driver stopped stopping and started starting.

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