Hello again,

Newbie running into a brick wall.

I'm trying to write a policy in the loopback driver that will find
object1 based on an attribute located in object2, then write data from
object2 back to object1.

Okay, what that really means. I have to associate students with their
parents. I can get from our admission's software the parents IDs and
relationships (mom,dad,ect) with the student data, but not visa-versa.
So, I have to find the parent objects by looking up the parent ID
located in the student object and then once found; write the student ID
and relationship to the parent object. Parents can have multiple
students at the school and the ID of one student can not over write the
ID of a sibling.

I've tried using the match function and the associate functions (sounds
logical), without any luck.

Is there any suggestions on where to look from here.

Your help is always appreciated.


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