Looks like the docs are live, and the Update channel has the new packages!

Woo Hoo!

So Delim text driver, the notes are buried in the general docs.

I see four new packages for Delim text (AD ones is basically a new
Exchange Entitlements package that slipped out last week or two.)

Delim Text Base - seems to be the key build. The
rest are 2.0.0 builds for Pass sync, and entitlements.
Maybe Delim Text entitlements is probably key as well.

AD Driver, it is linked here in the docs:


Basic idea is, Roles are great. But they need entitlements under the
reources to do 'stuff'. What about systems not directly connected? How
can we get those better connected? For that, Delim text driver.
basically allows you to use a Text import of roles and members, I think,
if I understand it right.

PS: Last I looked there were some nice changes to the default config, so
that the silly old config of needing to change the XSLT to explicitly
handle every attribute by name is changed to use all attrs in the event.

Also, what happens when in the remote system, changes are made by
others? Well, for AD, the goal is to event on it, and apply changes to
the Roles model in IDM to keep in sync.

Interesting to see what other drivers they extend this too.