To do Exchange load balancing, you should set the homeMDB value to
'defer'. Using the Exchange entitlement out of the box, you query for
MDB objects, and then statically (ick) define a Resource for each
mailbox. Then granting that resource sets an Entitlement with that value.

What is the proper way to specify Defer but still use entitlements?

I can think of several ways:

1) Put an ITP policy that detects the query for mailbox db's and append
an <instance src-dn="defer">

2) Modify the policies that implement entitlements and just make them
ignore the payload and always set the value to defer.

3) Assign a Resource for some MDB value. Doesn't matter. Then go edit
the nrfResource object under AppConfig and change the
nrfEntitlementRef's payload away from

I think I am working through different values of suck here. I do not
like many of these. Maybe #1 is best of that set. Keeps you in support
with base packages.

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?