I'm looking at something here based on using PSExecute (https://
to get to PowerShell directly. When using PSExecute, what do you do with
the original event?

As an example, if I have op-attr "niuDoWhatever" changing to "True" and I
want to turn this in to a PowerShell command to do something, assuming
that I can build the PowerShell command line correctly to to do, I end up
with a document like:

<modify qualified-src-dn="O=Corp\OU=Users\CN=Foo" src-dn="\CorpTree\Corp
\Users\Foo" src-entry-id="85117" timestamp="1421143575#3">
<association state="associated">{D049F6DC-C594-de01-800E-0000C86C994A}</
<modify-attr attr-name="niuDoWhatever">
<value type="counter">True</value>
<modify-attr attr-name="PSExecute">
<value type="string">Do-Whatever -User Foo</value>
Is it better to set niuDoWhatever to Subscriber/Notify and just let it
bounce off of the Filter at the end, or would it be better to strip-op-
attr niuDoWhatever out of the document? Either should work, so this is
really more of a style question than a technical one.

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu
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