Me and my co-workers oftent discuss weather moving objects is a good or
a bad idea. For example moving disabled users to a disabled container.
Obviously there are advantages such has not having to search through
those objects. But, moving objects can also be annoying. Sometimes the
move event is caught in a driver when it was not supposed to, and the
move event in itself is actually a delete and create event(not as
events, but that is what actually happens during a move).

Personally I like a flat structure. All users in 1 container, all
affiliation objects in one and keep them there always. Same for groups.
It just seems more efficient and easier to deal with. I guess moving
objects is a need, when you have many objects, like 100.000 or more

What do you suggest? Keep moving objects to a minimum, or do you see no
problem doing so?

Thanks in advance,


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