Since we installed the latest update (I don't know if EdirSp8 patch1 or
IDM Engine patch4 since we noticed the problem not directly but after we
installed both)

We got the following error with the Generate-Password-Token:

IAM\SYSTEM\RESOURCES\IAM Driver Set\Active Directory - MAD
Channel: Subscriber
Object: \IAM\Identities\Entities\XXX\XXX
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9202) Error in
: Unable to generate password: 9699 UNKNOWN ERROR

Since we had other drivers also using the Generate-Password Token but
where working we analyzed the problem a bit and found out this was do to
the password policy used.

If the Require unique password setting is activated in the password
policy used for the generation we receive the: Unable to generate
password: 9699 UNKNOWN ERROR
If we deactivate the Require unique password setting the generation
works without a problem.

We deactivated Require unique password in all the policies used for
generation but I suppose this is a bug?

Kind Regards,

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