I was patching eDirectory in our development system and came to realize
that the x86 version was mistakenly installed initially. This
realization came about because the latest patch was not available in x86
and only available in x64. Previously the patches were both x86/x64 and
the patch would just install the appropriate version. When installing
the latest patch it informed me that the patch was only for x64 and I
was running x86. The OS ix x84, just eDir is x86. This also came with a
warning that the IDM drivers break if updating eDir to x64.

It is my understanding that IDM installs the appropriate architecture
version based on the eDir version. This would mean our IDM is also x86.
Am I correct in this understanding? If so, we have the latest version of
IDM 4.0.2 installed. How can I upgrade IDM and it's drivers to x64?

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