I notice that the released Jade packages make use of this (at least for startup)

I'm asking in the hope that someone else has played with this as I've not got any IDM instances running the latest patch levels to test against right now.

The policies in question don't have any conditions at all, which sort of makes sense considering they are supposed to run only once at startup.

However, at exactly which point are the startup policies executed? Has someone got a trace they can share?

Is the idea to execute these as early in the starup procedure - at a point when the driver is essentially up and running (ie when both channels are started)?
Or is this after the driver activation ping?
If, for example the driver is configured to use a remote loader, does the "startup" policy execute after the remote loader connection is successfully established?

When I've scoped rules to run only on startup they have fallen into three categories.

1. Set a driver variable to a calculated value on startup (may require querying the IDVault)
2. Create/Verify/Update an object in the IDVault on startup
3. Query (or modify) the destination system once startup is complete, this can require waiting until the communication with the remote loader is established.

I'm wondering if support for the third case is included in the way this driver starup logic is implemented.

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