I'm currently moving drivers from a Windows to Linux server, most moves
are going well, but some drivers are mixing the writing to the log
files. Might only be the "Restricting file Permission" information.

Just moved two scripting drivers, the first driver starts without
problems, when I start the second driver it writes all the startup info
and connection info to the correct log file, but since it's the first
log file on Linux - IDM sets file permissions on the log file.

This is not logged in the second drivers log file, but in the first
drivers log file!

In this case it results in both drivers halts - the green light flashes
i iManager. I have see the "random" log writing of the file permissions
before, but this has not resulted in driver halts.

Running IDM 4.0.2 with Engine/RL patch 7.

Partial log from first driver (notice last line):
[01/17/15 08:36:32.657]:FirstDriver ST:Remote Interface Driver: start
[01/17/15 08:36:32.657]:FirstDriver ST:Remote Interface Driver: Opening
[01/17/15 08:36:32.657]:FirstDriver ST:Remote Interface Driver: Client
socket parameters: hostname = 'xxxxx' port = 8095 KMO = 'IDM-Drivers'
SSL mode = server
[01/17/15 08:36:32.658]:FirstDriver:Remote Interface Driver: Creating an
[01/17/15 08:36:32.674]:FirstDriver:Remote Interface Driver: NTLS
Socket: AES256-SHA SSLv3 Kx=RSA Au=RSA Enc=AES(256)
[01/17/15 08:36:32.674]:FirstDriver ST:Remote Interface Driver:
Connection established...
[01/17/15 08:36:32.674]:FirstDriver ST:Remote Interface Driver:
[01/17/15 08:36:32.674]:FirstDriver ST:
<handshake version="1.0">
<password><!-- content suppressed --></password>
[01/17/15 08:36:32.674]:FirstDriver :Remote Interface Driver: Waiting
for receive...
[01/17/15 08:36:32.675]:FirstDriver ST:Remote Interface Driver: Document
[01/17/15 08:45:23.584]:SecondDriver :Restricting file Permission for


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