We have the "PSExecute" Attribute functioning to create disabled mail
users in one domain (Remote Loader on a DC), and the code is stored in a
shared library.

The second domain (remote loader on a Member server) that uses the code
sends a value through that looks GOOD in the IDM Engine server log:
<add-attr attr-name="PSExecute">
<value type="string">Enable-MailUser -Identity
JACOSTA@msgnd.local -ExternalEmailAddress JACOSTA@customer.com -alias
JACOSTA -PrimarySmtpAddress JACOSTA@customer.com</value>
===end excerpt===

But in the Remote Loader Log, it looks like this and is failing to
implement the command(s). (NOTE the timestamp in the middle of the
user's -ExternalEmailAddress)

<add-attr attr-name="PSExecute">
<value type="string">Enable-MailUser -Identity JACOSTA@msgnd.local
-ExternalEmailAddress JACOST
DirXML: [02/28/14 14:53:01.45]: A@customer.com -alias JACOSTA
-PrimarySmtpAddress JACOSTA@customer.com</value>
<add-attr attr-name="dirxml-uACAccountDisable">
<value type="string">true</value>
========end excerpt====

Both domains are using the 64 bit ADDRiver.dll on Windows 2008 R2
Thoughts? seen before? I don't think it is a word wrap issue.. somehow
the shim is injecting a time-stamp in the middle of this value.