Hi All,

Having issue with an AD > eDir driver not syncing any events other than
password modifies. PW mods are instant, but it generally takes a restart
of the driver/RL to get any other events through.

Running RL and vault, and AD driver DLL. Config of RL is
a member server setup, where the RL is not installed directly on a DC.

I followed both guides (the common case and rare case guide) at this
link: https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7008183

When I first look at the issue of modifies not happening, I immediately
thought the state was pretty large (11KB for the state file), at least
it is based on the norm for other AD drivers I've used.

As said, I followed the guides in the link above, which basically say to
delete the state file on RL and delete the DriverStorage attribute on
the eDir driver object. I did this, started RL then driver, and the old
(unsure if exact) large cookie value came back!

I then tried the second part of the linked article which basically says
to invalidate the cookie value in the DriverStorage attribute to start a
resync. The resync started - I then stopped it and cleared state both
sides as per the article, and the large cookie came back again!

Can anyone suggest a way to nuke the old state once and for all so that
the RL thinks it has processed all changes up to current time
successfully? I'm hoping it will start processing changes correctly if I
can get it to this point.

Any help appreciated.


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