SAP HR driver 3.61

We are trying to figure out how to fix an issue we are seeing.

Our HR team has started adding all Contractors into the SAP HR system.
This is fine until the person gets converted to a full time employee.

They are differentiating contractors and employees by the range of the
PerNr being assigned.

Contractors Pernrs > 800000
employee Pernrs > 400000 < 799999

when someone converts from one to the other, C->E or E->C, HR terminates
the first person and rehires them into the other.

Term contractor, rehire same person as employee. When they do this they
are entering IT0709 with the previous Pernr, and then there is a black
box that is massaging the idoc to use the IT709 as the pernr.

this is all good up to the point that now the IDV is only updating the
original record with any information that needs updating instead of the
new record. also we need to manually go into SAP and move the UserID
and Email addr fromt he old record to the new record.

There has to be a better way to do this. How are other companies
handling this type of transaction

Thanks for the discussion,
- Todd Farrow

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