I'm now working with a Generic Null driver in my project. There I have a
rule that's supposed to send an email when a user need to be archived.

The rule is described 'here' (http://pastebin.com/XLgVqXBL), and it does
a LDAPSearch using a XPATH expression.

> <do-for-each>
> <arg-node-set>
> <token-split delimiter=";">
> <token-xpath
> expression="ra:LDAPQuery($url,$eDir.container.user .ldap,$admin.eDir,$pwd,$query)"/>
> </token-split>
> </arg-node-set>
> <arg-actions>
> </do-for-each>

My problem is that I'm having a bind error in the query, and then the
for-each loop is released (Normally I think it should be skiped, non?).
This is the error message:

Token Value: "Error 2 : simple bind failed: ip.ip.251.39:636

The log file for the rule is 'here' (http://pastebin.com/Zjqt1892).

I arrived to identify all the XPATH variables
($url,$eDir.container.user.ldap,$admin.eDir,$pwd,$ query - wich seams
correct to me), with the only exception being $pwd that takes the value
of admin.eDir.pwd that I couldn't found anywhere in my DriverSet or
inside iManager.

Is it possible to avoid passing through the for-each loop if the
expression "bugs"?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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