I am trying to extend Lothars excellent PWNotify to do unlimited number
of notifications. (Have a customer who wants to do 11. Seems like a bad
idea to me, but the customer is often the person you listen too).

In doing it, he appends a <Notification1> node that carries info.

I have a loop that properly adds the <Notification1> to <NotificationN>

Now I need to use XPATH to select/address them?

Trying a variable NODE holding the string Notification4 and then seeing
if I can say:
to try and select the Notification4/From node, but no joy.

Also, cannot use the Append XML Element tokens with a variable for the
name of the Node.

Can I do a loop over node()[starts-with("Notification") or the like?
Hmm, maybe that would work...

But I am trying do a while loop with a counter, start at 4 (since 1,2,3
are built in already) and then build NODE as Notification$COUNT$ (which
works in some places. So I can work over each added node, till I run out
of numbered nodes.