We have IDM 4.0.2 in windows. We have AD and DTD drivers in our
environment. We have enabled log level 3 to see more info and we have
kept log file size as 50 MB. We see the driver log files are roll over
when it reaches 5 MB.

When there are more events processed, the log files are filled quickly
and we have only 10 files and we do not find the earlier logs or log
file, as they were rolled over.

We know increasing file size would help but still we may not able to
keep very old files.

So, We want to know how we can configure to set more than 10 as log file
roll over number in driver or in driverset?

For example: if we are able to set as 20, the log file will be rolled
over for 20 times like log_1,2, 3...20.


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