I have a strange personell db, as they always are.
For pk I have concatinated two fields, social sec nr and employee ID ,
that makes a perfect unique ID that I use as association.
Now, the problem is that one person can have serveral employee ID and
therefor several records, currently I am only intrested in the primary
one and that one is mareked wit a "Y" so that is also easy to filter

The problem I get is when I have a current user where the primary
employee ID changes. That does not work since it goes into the matching
rule and finds an account that is already associated.

I'm not entirely sure of what to do. I could either run totally without
associations and always mach the accounts, not too happy with that.

The other option is to do a pre match in Event Policy and if the
association is "wrong" delete it on the target. Not sure on how toi do
that or if it is better, might be essentially the same as to run without

Any thoughts are welcome.

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