We have IDM 4.0.2 in windows. We have delimited driver to process the HR
feed to IDM. Below are few fields from HR:
1. username (User name is mapped to CN in idm).
2. employee number
3. startdate
4. enddate
5. employee status
6. givenname
7. surname
8. initials

User name is given by HR feed, So IDM is not generating the usernames.
THis is the username that is pushed to IDM and to all the target
Like, we have target systems like Active Directory, SAP User management
and SOAP clients.

There is a requirement on usernames. When there is any change in
employee names, the username changes in the HR feed. That is the current
process followed.
Our customer wants to implement the same with IDM.

EX: A user having username as *U1DIK *(U1 is common for all, DIK is
derived base on first & last name) - This logic is built in HR system
and not it IDM.
This username is used as username in all connected target systems.

If there is a name change, the username becomes *U1IKM * for that user
in the HR Feed.

And our customer, wants to change the username in IDM and in all target

Please let us know:
1. Is it a good practice
- Please let us know the key points/impacts if this name change
is not a good practice or not recommended, so that we can explain to our

2. If IDM is changing the username, what are all the target systems
allow the name change

3. If IDM is changing the username, what are all the target systems that
do not allow the name change

Thanks in advance,

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